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Distributor Benefits

  • Make UP TO 53% commission on each machine sold.  

  • NO STOCK/INVENTORY necessary = No cash flow issues

  • No Customer Service issues. Buyers will be directed to the company after purchase for warranty/service/repairs/issues.

  • Just receive a check! 

  • Nurseries/Greenhouses can use the water on their own plants to keep them pest, disease, and pesticide free for reduced inventory loss and happy customers!

  • Reduce cost of cleaning supplies for your establishment.

  • Provide samples of water to let customers try out and let the water sell itself!

  • EXTRA REVENUE $ stream and business exposure/foot traffic available by advertising/selling Kangen water to customers for drinking/household/garden needs. They may even purchase a machine for the health benefits alone!

  • Drink it for your own health!

Individual distributors welcome, as well as retail accounts. Contact for information on how to become a distributor!

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