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Check out our webinar and see how Kangen can benefit your grow!

Mahalath educates growers on how Kangen can save you money, increase your yield, eliminate pesticides and other toxics, and keep your crop healthy and productive!

hemp farmer testimonial

Josh from BioFlow Farm ran side by side tests for 3 months with Kangen Water on his Hemp plants. He shares his testimonial on his experience.

crop dipping with Kangen water

Grants Pass, Oregon Cannabis Farmer, Danny, dips his full grown buds in Kangen Water 2.5 Hypochlorous Acid to clean and sterilize them before hanging to dry.

Hemp Seed Farm Test Results

This Hemp Seed farmer saw great results using Kangen Water to kill aphids & fungus gnats.

Indoor grow uses kangen with great results

enagic rice fields project

Inside this video, you'll see how Enagic has been using an electrolyzed water generator specifically for agricultural use in Japan. They are embarking on a new beginning by introducing Kangen Water into the field of rice farming.

Electrolysed water the future for agriculture

Electrolyzed water is being hailed as the future for farming. The health industry are already using it as a sanitizer and now researchers in Tasmania say it could be a game changer for farmers. Electrolyzed water is made by passing an electrical current through salt water to create sodium hydrochloride. Long used in hospitals as a germ killer, now researchers say it could have a variety of uses in agriculture.

Replacing Agricultural Pesticides with Strong Acidic Electrolyzed Water

Strong Acidic Electrolyzed Water at pH 2.5 can replace agricultural pesticides.

Benefits of kangen water in agriculture

Strong Acidic Electrolyzed Water at pH 2.5 can replace agricultural pesticides.

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